September 16, 2016 – Elections officials across California continue to receive complaints from voters that received letters from an organization called Voter Participation Center (VPC) which inaccurately claim the addressee is not registered to vote. VPC also included a pre-filled voter registration form that contained incorrect or outdated information or information for persons who don’t live at the address. In many instances, the voter is in fact properly registered to vote.

“Voter registration efforts that focus on eligible, but unregistered, citizens can play an important role in increasing civic participation. However, the volume of complaints related to the Voter Participation Center mailings have caused confusion for many voters and created unnecessary work for elections officials focused on preparing for the General Election,” Secretary of State Alex Padilla said.

“Our office shared our concerns with the Voter Participation Center. They have stated that their mailing has completed and that they will not be sending any further mailings to California voters for the November General Election,” Padilla added.

Voters with questions about their voter registration status should check directly with their county elections office. Contact information for county elections offices and links to county online voter registration status tools is available on the Secretary of State’s website at:

New voters or persons who want to update their voter registration information in time for the upcoming November 8 election can visit the Secretary of State’s official voter registration website: If you need to update your voter registration information, the deadline is October 24.

Editor’s note: For some examples from Nevada County, read: Bad data: Voter Participation Center registration letters sent to ineligible people (and dogs)