NEVADA CITY, Calif. October 18, 2016 – The November 8, 2016 election is a crucial decision point for the voters in Nevada City. Before you is Measure C, a 3/8 cent sales tax, to be used for only public safety purposes, the passage of which will help secure the safety of all Nevada City residents and visitors.

All incorporated cities need to provide adequate safety services to their residents and visitors. In the case of Nevada City this requires a safe staffing level in the city’s fire and police departments. Measure C is the most equitable and stable way to do this. By voting yes on Measure C the residents of Nevada City will authorize the continued staffing of their fire station with highly trained and qualified firefighters as well as the addition of a police officer to the small ranks of the city police force. And, rightfully, this will be supported by all who frequent Nevada City through the proposed sales and use tax. Additionally, all funds raised by this tax must be used for the uses enumerated, namely, fire and police services.

I urge all voters in Nevada City to vote Yes on Measure C.

Clayton Thomas

Nevada County Professional Firefighters
I.A.F.F. Local 3800
Nevada City