Father’s Day was Sunday and Dr. Roger Hicks and his daughter Dr. Marya Hicks reflected on their relationship working side-by-side at the Dignity Health Medical Group — Sierra Nevada Urgent Care in Grass Valley.

Dr. Marya Hicks and Dr. Roger Hicks in the clinic
Dr. Marya Hicks and Dr. Roger Hicks in the clinic

Since the Grass Valley clinic opened in the spring of 2023, the father daughter duo have become colleagues and confidants, providing compassionate care to their community.

It’s a working dynamic Dr. Marya Hicks would not have predicted for herself when she was younger pursuing a calling in dramatic arts as an actor.

“It took me a long time to find my calling in medicine,” she remembers.

After art school, a life changing experience while on a rafting expedition in the Grand Canyon led her to see the power of her family’s gift as healers.

Dr. Marya Hicks graduation
Dr. Marya Hicks' graduation

Deep in the canyon, a fellow boater had fallen and dislocated his shoulder and no one on the trip knew what to do. The injured man waited in pain for 24 hours before he could be airlifted out to receive care.

“I realized my dad could have helped in a few quick moments. That experience made me realize that I wanted to have the skills to help people,” she said.

The family’s legacy of healing dates back more than two decades ago when Dr. Roger Hicks and his wife Linda first opened Yubadocs Urgent Care in 2000.

Growing up with medicine in the family, Dr. Marya Hicks spent her fair share of time working in the front office and assisting her mom with practice management. She witnessed time and again her father’s dedication to his patients.

“There are a number of experiences where I got to learn from my dad and watch him work,” she says. During her medical school training, she regularly sought advice from her dad.

“He’s always been a mentor and an inspiration,” she said.

Now the two regularly consult with each other and exchange knowledge.

“Now, the advice-giving goes both ways,” says Dr. Roger Hicks. “It’s a very collaborative relationship. We are frequently discussing cases with each other and have been known to bore family members at the dinner table with our long conversations on medical topics.”

After being away in school for many years, Dr. Marya Hicks is happy to be back in her hometown as a fully fledged doctor since 2021. She lives a busy, full life with her husband and 2 ½ year old son and splits her working hours as a primary care and urgent care physician.

Dr. Roger Hicks and Dr. Marya Hicks with Dr. Marya's son
Dr. Roger Hicks and Dr. Marya Hicks with Dr. Marya's son

Dr. Roger Hicks has a long history in the community and is an active member of the South Yuba River Citizens League and Wild and Scenic Film Festival. He enjoys being a doctor and now serves as the medical director at the Urgent Care Clinic and is technically his daughter’s boss.

“A lot of patients who have seen him in urgent care say how proud he is of me. It’s all really warm and fuzzy,” said Dr. Marya Hicks.

With a nationwide doctor shortage rural California towns like Grass Valley are some of the hardest hit. Both doctors believe urgent care plays a vital role in the community. Dr. Roger Hicks enjoys the positive and immediate impacts he can make in an urgent care environment.

“Urgent care provides accessible and timely medical care for a wide range of conditions,” says Dr. Roger Hicks. “This helps to ease the strain on local emergency rooms, ensuring that people who need emergency room care receive the prompt care they need.”

Dignity Health Medical Group — Sierra Nevada Urgent Care is located at 107 Margaret Lane. The facility is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

To schedule an arrival time, call (530) 576-7141, or visit dhmf.org/grassvalley-urgentcare.