Nevada City, Calif. — On January 24, 2024, the City Council approved $10,000 for a Home Hardening Microgrant Program that offers $100 for one hundred homes within City Limits. Home Hardening addresses the most vulnerable components of a structure with building materials and installation techniques that increase resistance to wildfire heat, flames, and embers. This program is intended to quickly deploy funds to reduce the occurrence of three common forms of ember intrusion into homes during a wildfire: through vent openings, under poorly sealed doors, and through holes or void spaces in exterior walls.

Specifically, the program offers reimbursement up to $100 for up to 100 homes in Nevada City to place ⅛-inch noncombustible corrosion-resistant metal mesh screening in vent openings, gap-free noncombustible corrosion-resistant metal weather stripping at the bottom of doors, and the filling of holes and void on exterior walls with non-combustible solutions.

In addition, The City was visited by Yana Velachovic and Katie Low of the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources in August of 2023, and the Fire Safety Advisory Committee received a report on the home hardening input they provided in September of 2023. The low hanging fruit for action was focused on Zone Zero (ember free zone) and the need for screening and weather stripping. This grant opportunity was created to address these findings.

To apply residents are asked to email with the following information:

  • Address of the home
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Proposed home hardening activity
  • A picture of the existing challenge

Paper applications will be available in City Hall. For additional information please visit Nevada City’s website under the wildfire preparedness tab:

For more information on what home hardening is and what can be done to protect homes against wildfire please visit CAL FIRE’s website at:

The City of Nevada City is on social media, @NevadaCityCA on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.