Cute Kids in a small remote village in Myanmar. Photo by Ed Sylvester
Cute Kids in a small remote village in Myanmar. Photo by Ed Sylvester

August 17, 2016 – An accomplished panel will present their tips for making the most of travel photography at the Nevada County Camera Club meeting on Monday evening, August 22. The panel, including Club members David Wong, Ed Sylvester, Alan Repech, Ed Hensley, and Jim Bair, will be sharing a few photos each describing the technical challenges and the story behind them. They will highlight the key elements of photography including: light, simplicity, originality, composition, and software manipulation to achieve their results in the challenging arena of travel photography.

Ed Sylvester, an outstanding photographer and long time member of the club, will be showcasing some of his photographs from around the world. “My wife, Bernadette, and I love street photography in our travels – it gives you a real sense of people and their day-to-day lives. One lesson we learned early on is that your best shot may be the one behind you! I am sure we have all seen people jump off a bus and march straight ahead to one photo opportunity, never looking around. They miss a lot! Today’s cameras are so good that you can grab images in a flash. So put your head on a swivel to get the good stuff,” recommends Sylvester.

Mike Schumacher, President of the Placer County Camera Club, will be critiquing Nevada County Camera Club member photos during the second half of the meeting. Schumacher has been shooting for 45 plus years becoming well known in the regional photographer’s community. Categories for submitted photos include: Black and White; Color; Nature-Landscapes; Nature – Wildlife; Travel; Technical; Photojournalism; Creative Interpretation; People; and the monthly feature, “Still Life”. The meetings now start at 6:15 pm to provide more time for the critique.

Presentation: The Challenges of Travel Photography

Time/Date: Monday, August 22, from 6:15 – 9:00

Location: Unity in the Gold Country Spiritual Center, 180 Cambridge Court, Grass Valley

Membership: The public is welcome and there is no cost for first time guests. Currently, the club has 136 members and aims to help them refine their photography abilities.

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