October 3, 2016 – Nevada County owns a multiple bed house at 145 Bost Avenue in Nevada City. This is an older farmhouse that has been used as a residential substance use treatment facility for many years but is in need of a significant renovation.

On Tuesday September 27th the Board of Supervisors approved a contract for the renovation of the house. The county has been successful in contracting with a remodel contractor who will complete this project by early 2017.

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)funds, HHSA discretionary funds, CalWORKS Substance Abuse allocation funds, and Probation Community Corrections Performance Incentive Award funds will be used to pay for the renovation. A Probation Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) grant for Nevada County Adult Drug Court Expansion will provide funds to furnish the house.

Up to 19 individuals will be able to receive services in this newly renovated house. A separate Request for Proposal will be issued by the county to invite experienced residential substance use treatment organizations to bid to become a contracted provider with the Nevada County Behavioral Health Department to provide residential treatment using the renovated Bost Avenue house.

The county is especially invested in using this new facility to provide services to Veterans in our community and those individuals who struggle with homelessness. The organization that will provide treatment services will be expected to understand the special needs of these populations as well as how to effectively address mental health and physical health needs that an individual may present with.