The team at a recent debate tournament at SF State.

March 26, 2019 – The Nevada Union High School Debate team is hosting its annual “Miner Disputes” on April 3. This is a rare opportunity to see the kids debate current events before a live audience, such as whether anti-camping ordinances are unconstitutional.

This year the team boasts the partnership of Devin Anderson and Hagan Noyes who just earned a bid to the Tournament of Champions in Kentucky (only 75 teams are chosen nationally from tens of thousands of teams).

What makes the NU team so successful is the hours of volunteer coaching from esteemed coach Stephen Goldberg (who is celebrating 20 years with the team this year), and the dedicated student coaching of the older debaters. NU competes against private schools with full-time paid coaches and a budget to support the kids.

NU’s team raises money through the Miner Disputes fundraiser and generous community members so that all team members can participate in the tournaments regardless of ability to pay. To see the kids in action, attend the event at Summer Thymes Bakery, 6pm on April 3. To support the team financially go to: