NEVADA CITY, Calif. September 9, 2016 – Firefighters are busy with the mop-up phase of the Phoenix Fire and will be actively crossing the Fordyce Jeep Trail between the third creek crossing and the Committee Trail crossing.

At this time there are no closure orders in place; however, with firefighters focused on their mission, OHV users should be aware of their activity and the potential for encountering weekend operations.

Forest Fire Management Officer Shelly Allen reported that the 38 acre Phoenix Fire is 100% contained and crews are working through the weekend to make sure that it won’t rekindle. “With active operations still going on, the public might encounter firefighters moving hose, engines traversing the area, and erosion due to use of the trails. To ensure public and employee safety, OHV users should take extra caution on that segment of the Fordyce Trail by staying alert and reducing their speed through the area.”

Allen noted, “It’s very dry out there. We are still in danger of a potentially large fire impacting communities and the landscape at a greater level.” She stated that human-caused fires lead all other categories of fire-starts on the forest, whether it’s from abandoned campfires in undesignated areas, or equipment sparks igniting forest debris. “Forest visitors need to make sure they are recreating responsibly so others can enjoy the same experiences. Build campfires only in designated campfire rings. Fires need to be dead out – use water, stir and make sure they are cold to the touch,” said Allen.

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