Nevada City – The Nevada County Office of Emergency Services and the Yuba Watershed Institute have launched the planning phase of a multi-year project to reduce potential wildfire fuels within a 6,000-plus acre area on the San Juan Ridge.

South Yuba River Rim

The South Yuba Rim Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project is intended to reduce hazardous fuels to limit wildfire spread, protect communities and essential infrastructure, and enhance ecological resilience. The targeted area is in the north rim of South Yuba River canyon starting at the South Yuba River State Park at Bridgeport and stretching east 16 miles to North Bloomfield.

The project is the result of years of collaboration between community leaders, 13 Firewise communities, the Bureau of Land Management, CAL FIRE and more.

“We know from working on our county-wide Community Wildfire Protection Plan that from the standpoint of wildfire hazard areas along the South Yuba are a top priority. This project is positioned to protect multiple communities in addition to natural and cultural resources that have been identified by residents as a priority,” said Alex Keeble-Toll, OES Senior Analyst.

The planning phase consists of scoping the project area, conducting community outreach, identifying appropriate forest treatments and conducting environmental and cultural review. Project implementation is expected in 2026.

Montezuma Ridge

Interested parties can learn more about the project and look up their address to see if it is in the project planning area using the interactive map at:

Town Hall to Be Held June 26 at Grizzly Hill School Gymnasium

The public is invited to learn more about the South Yuba Rim Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project by attending a Town Hall on Wednesday, June 26 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at Grizzly Hill School Gymnasium, 16661 Old Mill Road, Nevada City. The meeting will include discussions of the project goals, timeline, forest treatments planned and opportunities for residents to contribute.

“Whether you’re directly affected or simply interested in local wildfire risk reduction and environmental protection efforts, your presence and input are invaluable. Let’s work together to protect our beautiful Yuba River watershed,” said Chris Friedel, executive director of the Yuba Watershed Institute. “This project is a crucial step towards safeguarding our community and preserving the natural beauty of the area. Your participation in the planning phase will help ensure its success and ultimately save lives by reducing the risk of catastrophic wildfires.”

The South Yuba Rim Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project is a priority project listed in the CAL FIRE Nevada-Yuba-Placer Unit Plan 2022 Strategic Fire Plan, furthers the overarching goals of the Nevada County Community Wildfire Protection Plan, and confronts the wildfire component of the Local Hazard Mitigation Plan.

About the Nevada County Office of Emergency Services

OES works under the Emergency Preparedness Board Objective, leading the community in all hazards planning, preparedness, response, and recovery with a focus on wildfire. OES focuses on improving county-wide evacuation routes and safety, continuing to strengthen early alert and critical communication systems, and working with residents and community partners in emergency preparedness, defensible space, home hardening, green waste disposal, and fire-safe land stewardship.

About the Yuba Watershed Institute

The Yuba Watershed Institute is a group of citizens who are concerned with the sustainable use of natural resources and the protection of long-term biological diversity within the Yuba River watershed. The study, maintenance, use and preservation of the watershed is undertaken in partnership with public land management agencies, professional associations, private landowners, other non-profit organizations, and community organizations. The Institute also serves as an educational resource, providing an ongoing series of talks, seminars, publications and walks on all aspects of the watershed.