TRUCKEE, Calif. August 11, 2016 – On 08/11/2016 at about 1:20 am in the morning, Truckee Police Officers responded to a report of a solo vehicle traffic collision on State Route 89 at Rainbow Dr. A witness called 911 to report a vehicle had run off the road and collided with a dirt embankment, sustaining major front end damage. When the witness stopped to check on the driver and passenger, the driver told him not to call the police and he fled into the woods with the passenger.

Officers arrived on scene shortly after this and started searching for the driver and passenger. Truckee CHP and Truckee Fire units also assisted in the search as the witness said the passenger seemed injured and it was possible the subjects were in need of medical attention due to injuries sustained in the collision. Truckee police officers were able to obtain an address in the area for the driver and responded to his residence. At the residence they spoke to Richard Grundy Jr age 50 who admitted to driving the vehicle and running off the roadway (he originally claimed his vehicle was in the driveway of his residence but later changed his story). The passenger also resided at the same address and when contacted complained of internal pain and other injuries. He was taken by ambulance to Tahoe Forest Hospital where he was admitted to the emergency room for his injuries.

Officers noticed Grundy appeared intoxicated and after performing Field Sobriety Tests, he was arrested and booked for felony DUI and felony hit and run for fleeing from the collision. Grundy has a prior conviction for felony DUI with injuries. Due to this prior felony DUI, the injuries to the passenger, and fleeing from the scene, officers requested a bail enhancement, which was set at $1,000,000. “This is an example of excellent police work in locating the suspect”, said Sgt. Robert Womack with the Truckee Police Department. Sgt. Womack continued, “Unfortunately this is also an example of the dangers of drinking and driving”. “We work in a variety of ways trying to educating the public on the dangers of drinking in driving using education and enforcement as the primary tools” said Sgt. Womack, “but in continues to be a leading cause of injury related collisions in our area.”